XMetaL® Author Enterprise for Documentum® Webtop Release Notes



With XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop, you can now create XML content with unparalleled speed and ease. Together, XMetaL and Documentum provide everything your company needs to create, share, reuse, and deliver XML content in any format, for any destination.

With this version, XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop is certified for use with EMC's D6.8 release .  Our Documentum connector software no longer supports EMC's D5.3, D6, D6.5, D6.6, D6.7, D6.7sp1 releases.

New features

DITA 1.3 DocApps

OASIS DITA 1.3 authoring support is now available with Documentum.

Documentum D6.8 compatibility

You can now use the product with EMC's D6.8 release.

Support registry.mode: file

Please refer to Section "Logging in to the repository" in XMetaL Author for Documentum Webtop User's Guide.


The user needs to login Webtop via web browser at lease once before using the integration.

Installation Requirements


XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop needs the following system and software requirements met prior to installation:


Please refer to the XME Webtop Administrator's Guide for specific details on what system and software requirements must be met prior to installation of XMetaL software.

Known issues

Security warning appears during checkout or checkin action

If a security warning appears during the course of a repository operation like check-in and the warning is asking if you want to "Block potentially unsave components from being run" and notes the application is "CheckinContainer_LaunchRuntimeApplet_0", choose "Don't Block" so the operation completes normally.

This security warning can be suppressed by the following steps (Win7):

  1. Goto Control Panel and open the "Java" panel
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Under "Mixed code (sandboxed vs. trusted) security verification" option, select the "Enable - hide warning and run with protections" setting.

Cannot check-in document with conref to image (PROD00029260)

If an image element has a conref attribute specified, then you may not be able to check-in the parent document.  This is likely because the image's href attribute has a '-dita-use-conref-target' attribute value specified (per OASIS DITA spec). But, the DocApp's link-rule for image href values triggers Documentum into attempting to follow this '-dita-use-conref-target' href value.

A feature request has been submitted to EMC to address this issue. But for now, please work-around this issue by not conref-ing images...just link direct to the particular image.

Documentum-style chunking for DITA content

JustSystems doesn't not test or recommend people use Documentum's chunking configuration in DocApps designated for DITA content.  XMetaL Author Enterprise's DITA features are implemented in accordance with the OASIS DITA specification where applicable.  As a result, invoking a DITA operation where chunked markup is operated upon may result in unknown side-effects and problems.

Updating references is unsuccessful if target document is checked in with 'Same version'

Updating references is unsuccessful if file A that contains a link to another file B, after editing file B and checking it in with the 'Same version' option selected. This issue resolves itself when file B is no longer in the Documentum client-side cache and fetched from the server again.

Cannot insert an image from my computer into DITA content

Currently, the XMetaL connector for Documentum only allows users to choose an image that was previously imported into Documentum. Though Documentum supports automatic-importing of referenced images from the local computer (upon check-in of a xml document), the XMetaL-Documentum connector doesn't support creating/editing image href values outside of Documentum. 

The XMetaL team is looking to address this issue in a future release and for now, you must import the image prior making references to it within DITA content.

Security warning does not appear

After you install XMetaL Enterprise Edition and Webtop integration and then JRE in this order and then try to create or open a document, the security warning dialog ('digital signature verified') does not appear. XMetaL continues to show the 'Initializing plug-in' page. Workaround: If you log into Webtop and then open XMetaL, the security warning appears when creating or opening a document.

Error appears unexpectedly

Occasionally, some actions may cause an unexpected error 'Unable to display an error as an exception is not set'. Workaround: If this error appears only once, continue with the process that triggered it. If it appears consecutively, clean up Internet Explorer cache and re-launch XMetaL while pressing the Control key.

Support services

For a list of telephone support offerings, online service options, and support downloads, visit http://na.justsystems.com/support.

To contact XMetaL support directly, e-mail us at supportxmetal@justsystems.com, or telephone us at one of the numbers listed at http://xmetal.com/content-about-contact-us/.