XMetaL® Express for Documentum® Webtop

Release Notes

With XMetaL Express for Documentum Webtop, you can now create XML content with unparalleled speed and ease. Together, XMetaL and Documentum provide everything your company needs to create, share, reuse, and deliver XML content in any format, for any destination.

This document contains information on:

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 and Webtop 6.7

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and Webtop 6.7 or above, please refer to the following topics in the EMC® Documentum - Documentum Administrator Version 6.7 Deployment Guide (Preparing the Client Hosts):

General issues

The following issues apply to all DTDs and schemas.

Stand-alone Writing Tools installer with Vista

Vista deployments are not recommended using the stand-alone Writing Tools installer. The spell checker's functionality will be limited and end-users will be required to have administrator privileges and/or UAC turned off.

Cannot insert an image from my computer into content

Currently, the XMetaL connector for Documentum only allows users to choose an image that was previously imported into Documentum. Though Documentum supports automatic-importing of referenced images from the local computer (upon check-in of an xml document), the XMetaL-Documentum connector doesn't support creating/editing image href values outside of Documentum. The XMetaL team is looking to address this issue in a future release and for now, you must import the image prior making references to it within content.

Typing input is slow or shortcut key does nothing

XMetaL Express uses an ActiveX control that is not thread-safe. This causes Internet Explorer to continually switch to the main thread for all messages sent to the ActiveX control. This results is less than optimal typing performance. Also for shortcut key messages, Internet Explorer may not send them onto the ActiveX control for risk of blocking all other open IE tabs. To improve typing speed and shortcuts, you can switch the ThreadingModel registry key from a value of 'Single' to 'Apartment' but doing so risks making the XMetaL Express software unstable. Use this speed up registry patch at your own risk. Apply the registry patch only after the ActiveX control has been download to a given client machine. Be sure you are logged in with administrator privileges and save the following content into a .reg file and apply it to the client machine's registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


To revert back to the thread-safe registry setting, save the following into a .reg file and apply it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The XMetaL team is looking to address this issue in a future release.

DITA issues

These issues apply when using DITA.

Cannot check in a topic containing an image used as a content reference

If an image element has a conref attribute specified, then you may not be able to check-in the parent document. This is likely because the image's href attribute has a '-dita-use-conref-target' attribute value specified (per OASIS DITA spec). But, the DocApp's link-rule for image href values triggers Documentum into attempting to follow this '-dita-use-conref-target' href value. A feature request has been submitted to EMC to address this issue. But for now, please work-around this issue by not conref-ing images...just link direct to the particular image.

Documentum-style chunking for DITA content

JustSystems does not test nor recommend people use Documentum's chunking configuration in DocApps designated for DITA content. XMetaL Author Enterprise's DITA features are implemented in accordance with the OASIS DITA specification where applicable. As a result, invoking a DITA operation where chunked markup might be operated upon may result in unknown side-effects and problems.

Support services

For a list of telephone support offerings, online service options, and support downloads, visit http://xmetal.com/support/.

To contact XMetaL support directly, e-mail us at supportxmetal@justsystems.com, or telephone us at one of the numbers listed at http://xmetal.com/content-about-contact-us/.