XMetaL® Licensing Server 1.0 Release Notes



With this release, the XMetaL License Server was completely rewritten as a Windows service application along with a light-weight administration application. The license server neither requires an Internet connection to a JustSystems hosted server nor depends on 3rd party software as it did previously. If you were previously using the license server that was supplied with XMetaL 7 or 8, then you should receive a new license file for each XMetaL product that was purchased with a concurrent/floating license.

Installing XMetaL Licensing Server

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or newer.
  • 5MB of disk space
  • 10MB of memory

Note: Windows XP is not supported.

How to install

  1. Launch the installer (e.g. XMLS-1.0.msi), and click through the setup wizard, taking into account the following.
  2. On the End-User License Agreement screen, select the check box to agree to the end-user license.
  3. On the Destination Folder screen, setup the destination folder as desired.

Note: The installer creates a new Windows service entry, "XMetaLLicensingServer", which is configured to startup automatically. Also, the installer makes the necessary firewall exception for the license server service application, "XMLS.exe".

Using the XMetaL Licensing Server Admin tool

XMLS Administrator

To start the XMLS Administrator software, go to to the Start menu and look for the "XMLS" program group. Under that group, select "XMetaL License Server Admin". A window should appear with the title "XMLS Administrator". Its user interface consists of two tabbed views, for administration of the licensing server as well as for the contents of the user licenses.

License Server

The license server tab includes the following items:

Floating Licenses List - displays all active and inactive, floating licenses. For each license the following information is displayed:
  • Product - the XMetaL product to which the license applies
  • Maintenance End - the date at which the product maintenance period expires
  • Quantity - the total count of licenses of this type
  • In Use - the total count of licenses of this type that are currently active
Administrators can perform the following actions on this list:
  • Refresh - displays the latest list of floating licenses
  • Add Licenses - allows you to add license files to the License Server's database
  • Remove Licenses - allows you to remove license files from the License Server's database

Settings - allows administrators to modify the following settings:
  • Host Name - displayed as read-only
  • Port - displayed as read-only
  • Modify - click this button to edit the Host Name or Port number
  • Start Service - starts the licensing server
  • Stop Service - stops the licensing server

    Stopping and re-starting the service is beneficial, for example, if a client has crashed while XMetaL was in use, and the license may not have been released. In this case, stopping and starting the service frees up these licenses without needing to wait for the server to do so.

User License

This view displays the user license file contents. Administrators can perform the following actions:
  • Save to File - saves the license file to a location of your choice
  • Copy Server Address to Clipboard - copies the URL to the clipboard, to allow for sharing of the server address

Known issues

Unable to connect to server on Windows XP

The XMLS License server software is not compatible with Windows XP. Please review the system requirements and install the license server onto a newer system.

Support services

For a list of telephone support offerings, online service options, and support downloads, visit http://xmetal.com/support/.

To contact XMetaL support directly, e-mail us at supportxmetal@justsystems.com, or telephone us at one of the numbers listed at http://xmetal.com/content-about-contact-us/.